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Blanchard & Company provides specialized services on precious metal investing to its clients. Its founder James Blanchard fought hard to pass a bill in 1974 which allowed US citizens to own gold under self custody – a feat which was not allowed by the Feds till then . Afterwards, Blanchard formed the company in 1975. This pioneer act by Blanchard rightfully influences its rating by the customers . After all, the ban on the ownership of precious metals was eradicated by the actions of the owner of Blanchard Gold.

The quality of consultation provided by the company is excellent. Blanchard & Co renders the services of veteran numismatists such as John Albanese, the professional who has three decades of experience in this industry. They are prepared to educate the clients on precious metal investing and how to use them to secure their investment portfolio . Many clients have give feedback on such great professional advices which changed their perspective of precious metals investing

The typical client for the company are experienced customers who are more interested to buy rare numismatic coins rather than regular stuffs such as gold bullion and precious metal bars. Thus, the company may not be friendly to newbie who are still leaning the art of investing in gold and silver. They are better off resorting to companies that are newbie friendly. 

Reviews and Reports

Blanchard gold may seem like a great company to work with but several independent review sites have a different story to tell. Let us go into a detailed analysis.

Better Business Bureau(BBB)

Number of complaints closed in last 3 years : 16

Number of complaints closed in last 1 years : 3

Business Consumer Alliance(BCA)

No complaints

Historically BBB has proven to be the watchdog of the customers against bad and corrupt businesses. A BBB accredited company , Blanchard & Co has got an A+ rating . It is highest rating anyone can achieve with the company . 

Moreover, the company has 16 complaints with BCA in the last three years . The main issues are deceptive advertising, collecting , billing and sales practices to rip off clients. The number of complaints are too many.  

Ripoff Report:

Several complaints have been raised against Blanchard & Co in this review site. These complaints range from mis communications regarding charges and requirements with customers to excess charge claimed from the customers.

One classic example of misleading the customers is as follows. A customer wanted to buy silver coins of 2400 dollars from the company . Assuming that the rep knew the best , he went with the price quoted . Unfortunately , when he tried to sell the coin back to the company , he was offered only 40% of what he originally paid. Upon further investigation and comparison with other companies , it was discovered that the coins were never worth that much.

The same fate befell on another customer. He was new to the gold coin industry and trusted upon Blanchard & Co to guide him through . The sales rep immediately lured him to buy ordinary coins with high premium in inflated price. Afterwards, the company never responded to any correspondence of the customers.

There are some positive reviews available as well. Several customers called it the best company and ratings of 5/5. Some of them claims the reps to be honest who gave correct and useful information on precious metals financing strategy. Hence , it is evident that the company do have loyal customers . We assume that these are the long term customers of the company who get special services / treatment from the company. 

Easily Navigable Website

The website of Blanchard & Co is quite user friendly . Several customers provided delighted  feedback on the simplicity and navigability of their website which made them work comfortably with the company. The website provides with valuable articles and charts that guides the customers into making a conscious investment decision . Additionally the site interesting facts about the industry, revealing info about the organization  and their customized investment solutions for the clients. 

Delivery and Purchase Options

After the investor decides what he/she will buy and places order through the website , a company rep will contact with the client to review the order and initiate the process. The company only accepts cashier and personal checks as payment method and does not accept credit card . Some customer may not be comfortable with these methods of payment.

The orders are shipped quickly and effectively with packages that are insured in compliance with USA mail regulations. Client must sign each and every package n order to take the delivery. In case the client is not available , he will have to go to the local post office to take the order. 

Customer Care

If case the clients require a clarification , solve an issue or want to resolve a technical problem , they can contact with the customer service immediately . The clients can reach a customer service officer over phone. However , there is not live chat support and email response is not that quick. Clients have the option to browse through the website’s troubleshooting and faq section that can help them clarify some points before they get in touch with the support staff.



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