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-Tuesday, July 16th 2019

Has your financial adviser recommended Gold IRA Rollover yet ? The leading financial advisers and savvy investors all over the country are now realizing that the best way to protect wealth and mainitain a positive growth is to diversify a substantial part of investment or retirement account into precious metals.

Welcome to where we have reviewed many top Gold IRA companies in USA. Your investment is valuable and it demands your wise attention in terms of usage. Therefore, some research has to be done in finding the right gold IRA rollover firm to match your particular requirements.  

gold ira rollover


Gold IRA rollover has been quite popular during the last decade. Gold has always been the standard asset people sought after throughout the history. Courses of civilizations has changed because of gold. Bloods have been shed and wars have been fought for gold. Continents as large as America has been discovered in search of gold.

Gold continues to be a symbol of wealth and affluence today. The main reason being the intrinsic value and scarcity of gold. How rare is gold? There are currently around 130,000 to 140,000 tonnes of gold above ground in the world. You can visualize this by imagining a solid gold cube with each edge of about 19 meters. This will easily fit into a tennis court . Every ounce of gold used in  bullions , necklace, ring, coin, retailer’s reserve , industrial parts in every nook and corner of the world will easily fit into the center court of Wimbledon ! Can you imagine that? Gold is rarer than diamond.

Since gold is a rare precious metal, gold stock in portfolio has been considered as a hedge against economic debacle. Even when paper currency suffers from whimsies of marketplace, gold has been proven to be a solid performer. That is why investors these days are resorting  to gold IRA rollover to protect their retirement accounts.

In today’s era of unstable stock market ,  dogmatic government policies and excessive spending  combined with political unrest and war raging all over the world , the security of a gold IRA rollover seems the obvious choice. Even turning a 401k into gold IRA rollover has become extremely popular today.

Does the poor state of the economy of USA concern you ? What will happen if the US dollar keeping on deflating for another two years? Have you forgotten 2008 ? What will you do if the market plummets again? Does the current gold-buying frenzies of China, Russia , India and Mexico ring a bell ? 

regal assets

You are not alone !! Many precious metal companies have reported that they have received calls from clients who expressed deep concern on this matter. Many of them are taking steps to roll over their existing/ new IRA to precious metals IRA backed by physical Gold/ Silver in an effort to diversify their portfolio.  

With physical gold looking more and more like a worthwhile long term investment , now is the right time you consider moving to Gold IRA.

Once you have decided to diversity and safeguard your portfolio with a gold IRA rollover, the hard part comes along. Which company will you select ? Who will you entrust your retirement with? Which farm will suit your particular situation?

Choosing the wrong company isn’t the thing you want to do . Doing so might put your life savings at risk.


What are your checking points when analyzing gold IRA companies? The best three places to check are BBB (Better Business Bureau), BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and Trustlink. Please read the performance of the company in these places in terms of ratings, reviews, user experience, dispute settlement, behavior of agents and their response time etc. We advice you make a shortlist of 4-5 companies that you want to work with. Get a feel of  the companies by calling them and talking to their reps. Hear the feedback from a person you know who bought precious metals or did gold IRA rollover with that particular company. Then make the final decision.

Good news for you! We have done lots of research for you. Now you can scrutinize all the details and reviews of the top precious metal companies offering precious metal buy or gold IRA rollover services. CLICK HERE to view the comparison chart. 


Get all your questions answered at  1-844-611-2370  (Call from 8am to 5pm PST  from Monday to Friday with all questions regarding gold IRA rollover , silver IRA and others)


 Critical Areas to Consider Before Choosing A Gold IRA Rollover Company :

1) Do they have a buy-back program ?  

What will happen if you need to liquidate your precious metals on urgent basis ? Will you get a fair value in return ? You would want to work with a company that gives a fair price when you buy the metals and when you need to liquidate the metals. That company can be entrusted with gold IRA rollover which provides great support during liquidation – when you are at a corner. 

2) Is the setup and storage fee clearly communicated ? 

Does the company have a flat storage fee or a scaling storage fee  ? Don’t forget to ask for the exact setup and storage fees and make a note of whether there are any hidden fees.

Many customers have complained that their precious metal dealer did not communicate the fees property . The companies indicated that the fees are flat but did not care to mention that flat fee is applicable up to a certain limit beyond which the fee would be scaled. The customers were charged excess storage fees of thousands of dollars. So, you need to be aware of that.

Regal Assets has a clearly communicated flat storage and administration fee with a waived administration fee for the first year . 

3) Do they offer you the right type of metal as per your requirement ?

This is a burning issue throughout the precious metals industry. Are you really getting the type and quality of precious metals that you want?

Will the company push you into buying something you don’t really want? Do they have a history of resorting to cheating tactics to shove inferior metals down the throat of new and unsuspecting buyers ? Will it happen that you clearly instructed your rep to buy Gold Bullion , but one fine morning your rep will call you up to inform you that your Gold Coins(!) are bought  ?  

Such occurrences are far from rare these days .You will find many customers complaining against gold IRA companies. These companies gave the wrong advice from the very beginning and sold lower-valued metals to the customers. 

The company should understand your requirements and suggest the best option for you. The metal should be of the best quality. It should be the right kind acceptable for gold IRA rollover. The metal storage facility should be secured and insured. 

4) Gold IRA Setup and Metal Delivery Time ? 

The majority of precious metal companies takes around a month to deliver the metals and some might even take as long as three months. Choosing the wrong company could cost you thousands. So if you want to rollover your investment into a physical gold IRA or silver IRA, please choose that company which has proven expertise including the knowledge of potential tax issues in the future.


Top Three Complaints by the Customers:

1) The sales reps are fast-talking , slippery and persuasive : 

Many customers have complained that the reps are very fluent-talking and persuasive. They not bother about your side of the story. It seems they are pre-occupied which maximizing their commissions from the sales they will push onto you . You should avoid such companies outright . 

2) Aggressive and pushy sales tactics: 

Reps of many companies exhibit very aggressive sales tactics. They tend to pressurize the clients to make a quick decision .They call the clients every other day.

The question is- “As an investor why should you make a rush decision ?” It might be your life savings that are on the line. You should carefully analyze every options that you have before making a final decision. Take as much time as you need.

The reps of Regal Assets will educate you on each IRA options you have . You can talk with your dedicated rep for days and weeks. Have your every query answered . They will not make you rush into any decision . You can take your time, come up with a decision , discuss with them and go with it. Avoid persuasive companies who will call you ten times a week. 

3) Misleading Recommendations :  

Account reps of many companies tend to mislead the customers into buying wrong metals. Because those precious metals will bring in higher profit margin for the company and push the customer into a hole. These companies will play with the future of you and your family. 

Ask yourself this question :  When you are in a situation that you have to sell your Gold or Silver back to the company , will the company treat you the same ? Do they even have a buyback program ? Will they treat you fairly ? Will they give the accurate recommendation ? 

Do Your Due Diligence Before Choosing A Company .


Which Gold IRA Rollover Company Do We Recommend ?

gold ira rollover

Phone: 1-844-611-2370 (Call from 8am to 5pm PST with any questions) 


gold ira rollover

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Testimonials - Portfolio Packages

Regal Assets can best help you invest in gold and secure your retirement .Regal Assets hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, with only one complaint in the last 3 years and over 445 client reviews of 5 out of 5 with Trustlink. 

Regal Assets will guide you through the process step by step. They will answer all your queries. They are known to put your needs first. The customers have given feedback that they were not pressurized to make any decision.

Remember this is YOUR money, YOUR retirement. If you call them, you will be assisted by a dedicated account rep who will answer every call you make or email you going forward. 

Diversified Products To Match Customer’s Needs :

Although most of the customers invest in precious metals coins , the serious financiers look to build up a diversified portfolio to match their future plans.  Regal Assets offers its clients with a wide range of products to invest in . Their competitive pricing structure will enable you to choose packages that fits your personal investment requirements.

 Competitive IRA Rates:

If you want to invest in gold IRA rollover , you must know the fees first . Most of the investors in precious metals aren’t aware of the administration and storage fees for a self directed gold IRA or a 401k to gold IRA rollover. The annual fee of $250 charged by Regal Assets is the lowest in the industry. There are no other hidden and recurring charges involved. Most of the competitors charge higher fees . Moreover ,there might be hidden costs involved that will come back to bite you in the future , if not properly clarified at start. 

Flat Administration Fees:

Regal Assets charges a flat $100.00 per year for administrative fees no matter what the investment amount is. However , most of the competitors charge a scaling administrative fees . 

All The Fees For The First Year Is Waived : 

The setup fees, storage fees ,administration fees and delivery of metals for the first year is waived. This will save you more than $500 . Most of the competitors of Regal will make their customers pay this from the very first year. 

Delivery Guarantee:

Regal offers its clients a guarantee of delivery within seven days of payment . There is full insurance on every order placed. If case of any delay in delivery, Regal will compensate you with a free American Eagle silver .

Know-How and Skills:

The reps and supports staffs at Regal Assets are well-trained and knowledgeable . They have good reputation in the industry of being able to respond to all the queries made by the customers. Whether advising on the type of precious metals to buy or forecasting market trend or explaining a gold IRA rollover setup , these fellows can offer very helpful advice to the clients. 


How efficient is the company ? One of the key factors your want to know is how efficient the company is when it comes to gold IRA rollovcer . Most of the companies take more than three weeks to complete the process. In some cases, it has been reported that the company took several months before finally shipping the metal. Regal Assets has years of experience in this industry. They know how to take their clients through the whole process in a week efficiently whilst saving time and effort.

gold ira rollover

Regal Assets Office On Times Square

If you have intentions of investing in precious metals IRA , you should assess the company from all possible angles so that you can take a wise decision . Experience and reputation are two very critical factors when analyzing a company. You must go for a company that exhibits quality , professionalism and superior customer support . 

We’ve done an extensive Regal Assets Review .This company is listed #20 on INC 500′s for Financial Services, and a preferred membership with TrustLink.

**Minimum Investment Amount **

  • $ 5,000 for cash buy ( physical delivery )
  • $10,000 for Retirement Account Rollover ( IRA Rollover)

“Click Here To Visit Official Site of Regal Assets”


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Why Should You  Rollover Your IRA to Gold ?

gold ira rollover

With the unstable situation of current economy , the apparent respite of social security is on the brink of oblivion. Many savvy individuals have figured out what is coming next and they are setting up IRAs to consolidate their future . It is not a rocket science why they are going for IRA. Any money that you put into IRA will grow absolutely tax free. All you have to do is follow the rules. Uncle Sam won’t take a dime from you as you see your savings accumulate over time and you can cash it out on retirement .

Moreover , IRAs are more flexible than 401(k) and other plans because you have the freedom to invest in almost anything you want- mutual funds, stocks , bonds , real estate and precious metals. Specifically Gold IRA rollover is causing a lot of buzz among investors these days. 

Gold IRA rollover is a safer investment than the conventional riskier IRAs like Simple, SEP, Roth or self-directed IRA . Don’t be mislead by the statement by thinking that the alternate plans are too risky . All IRA plans can make your retirement portfolio competent if applied efficiently with proper mix . However , precious metals specially gold has the historical trend of retaining its value in economical crisis while showing an increase in value overtime. Precious metals can hedge your portfolio against inflation risk . 



Given the turbulent economy with recession looming in the corner , it is high time you resort to physical gold ira rollover. Precious metals have a proven track record of holding its value in economic debacles and gaining worth over time . 


7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Gold

Risk, future viability and financial security are just but some of the major issues that decides the composition of a investment portfolio. With such thoughts, savvy investors have come to understand the benefits of a Gold IRA rollover. The most important thing is to understand what a gold backed IRA is and the advantages of selecting gold as an investment tool. 

1) Dollar debasement hedge

The purchasing power of dollar keeps changing by the day. One of the major reasons for such fluctuations is economic instability and uncertainty. Although the value of paper assets suffers in a poor economy, gold takes an opposite direction irrespective of the level of the economy. Whether the economic climate is favorable or unfavorable, its value keeps appreciating throughout the season. In fact, it is surprising to note that the value of gold appreciates whenever the economy is negatively affected.

2) Inflation hedge

The government has control over the supply of money in the market as it has the power to initiate bills whenever deemed necessary. This is why fiat currency has a history of inflation and depreciation in value. Paper money has lost a huge percentage of its value throughout the decades. The increased circulation is further degrading the situation.

On the other hand, Gold is not affiliated with any country and cannot be created at will as it has to be mined. It is no surprise why gold is gaining in popularity due to its scarce nature. That’s why investors have figured that they can protect their portfolio by investing in gold IRA rollover.

3) Portfolio diversification

Gold has proven to be the best metal to provide security in a volatile market. It is highly sought after by investors and the general public whenever the stock market crashes or the currency fails. As it is a tangible asset, its value escalates during economic downturns. 

Gold price isn’t closely tied to other financial assets. Throughout history, gold has moved in the opposite direction of stocks. Several studies have also revealed a scant connection to the prices of real estate . Gold would beat other assets, including stocks, whenever there is high inflation. This is why gold IRA rollover is a good option for portfolio diversification.

4) Tax Bracket

Retirement investing in a gold IRA rollover can help you gain substantial tax benefits. 39.6% is the highest amount of tax you have to pay when you withdraw funds from a ordinary IRA or 401k. However , the owner of a gold IRA only faces a 28% tax upon withdrawal. Because IRS classifies gold as a collectible and your profit from the sale will be treated as a capital gain. However , these gains will not be eligible for tax while remaining in IRA. On the other hand, traditional IRA is eligible for tax at ordinary rate. Thus gold IRA has substantial tax advantage over traditional IRA.  

5) Strong historical performance of gold

Throughout the history, gold has been viewed as a durable currency that has put up the test of time. Gold has stood firm through wars, financial crises and political turmoil. Research has shown that gold should hold its value better than currencies that aren’t backed up by any physical or hard assets. The Federal Reserve and the central banks in Japan and Europe have pumped so much cash into their economies and bought so much debt that they will eventually have to devalue their currencies in order to inflate their way out of debt. As a hard asset with a very small increase in supply each year, gold still holds its value and will continue to do so.

6) Investment flexibility

A gold IRA rollover is classified as a self-directed retirement savings plan. The owner is given full and final say about when, where and how to invest their funds. There is freedom to adjust your market strategies to conform to prevailing market conditions. The secret is to look for a custodian with a good track record and reputation for putting client interests at heart.

7) Investment durability

Without a doubt, metal is much more durable than mere paper. The simple fact that over 95% of all gold ever mined is still in existence to this day is concrete proof of its durability as compared to paper money. The latter was born just a couple of centuries ago whereas gold has been the foundation of national currencies for millennium.

Owing to the aforementioned benefits, the demand for physical gold IRA continues to rise. As paper currencies continues to fail, central banks and billionaires alike are increasingly buying gold. In the end a gold IRA rollover is one of the safest and most secure methods of protecting your retirement savings from various economic factors that are likely to cause major financial losses.


So, Do Not Rely on Fate- Gold IRA Rollover Is The Future!

The 2001-10 decade has been a gut wrenching one for the investors at individual level . From the stock bubble bursting to the post 9/11 crash, from the real estate bubble to the immense recession , it has been a nightmare for the investors . Chances are you are among st the investors whose individual retirement accounts has already taken a massive hit .  

But it is not over by any means. It might just come back to haunt you again . Some experts are predicting that the stock market may fail again any time in the next 2-3 years .Imagine that you got retired and thought that your financial future is secure with your portfolio of paper assets, mutual funds , stocks and bonds .  And you will get social security in return for your initial investments . But the insurance behind the security vanishes during the time of expected collection. Imagine the horror and disbelief that you will fall into . It has happened before and will happen again . The question is will you be ready ?

gold ira rollover

Did you know that gold backed retirement accounts have grown over 350% in value since 2000 . Gold IRA investment can reduce the volatility of your retirement portfolio. Gold is pure money and absolute form of asset. Gold IRA is not another worthless paper asset , but actual physical gold that is held on behalf of you. No government can devalue it . It has no board of directors , politicians or central bankers to mess around with its value . That is why gold has protected the purchasing power of its investors for no less than 5000 years and survived every major economic crisis. Same is true for Silver . That’s why gold IRA rollover has become so popular these days.

Sadly many people realized the importance of diversification the hard way . Investing in just a few forms of retirement options have nearly made them bankrupt . These retired persons are facing financial difficulty because they failed to establish a robust backup plan for their main retirement funds . 

If you are new to investing in gold and want to convert IRA to physical gold , we advise you to do your own research first . You will find that there are several prominent gold trading companies in USA. You should carefully look at their rating and customer complaints first before dealing with any of the precious metals companies. 

Regal Assets is one of the top gold IRA companies in USA. A detailed analysis shows that it has AAA score with Business Consumer Alliance . You must compare the ratings and number of complaints with BCA and BBB among top precious metals companies as due diligence. 

Regal Assets has only one complaint filed in the last three years with BCA whereas Merit Gold has 55 complaints , Capital Gold Group has 11 complaints . Regal Assets have an A+ rating with BBB and zero complaints during that last one and a half years ( from the beginning of 2013 ) . Same scenario for Capital Gold Group. On the other hand , Merit Gold has no rating with BBB and customer complaints data aren’t available for users. 

Another factor to consider is the yearly charge for IRA . Regal Assets has flat fee structure for IRA. It means the fee is flat one independent of the investment amount .  They also waive the first year fees. On the other hand , Capital Gold has a scaled fee structure . The more you invest in Gold IRA , the more fees you have to pay . Merit Gold not ever revealed their yearly fees of precious metals IRA. You need to calculate the total cost of opening an IRA account and the storage plus administrative fees of the top companies before selecting the Gold IRA Company that fits your needs. 

Now that it is evident that gold IRA rollover is the perfect way to secure your financial future and ensure a winsome tax-free cash flow , it is high time you rollover inefficient and dubious IRA investments into a gold IRA right now.  

gold ira reviews

We recommend that you choose an organization which is professional , unique and follow the gold IRA rules set out by IRS to the point . After analyzing the statistics of the top precious metals IRA companies , it is clearly evident many investors have trusted on Regal Assets. Outstanding customer services , wide variety of products , quick delivery of metals , stainless credibility with no reports of fraud , lower commission rates which makes the prices of metals near to the spot price and an amazing buy-back program which guarantees deals in spot prices puts Regal apart in an elite position from its competitors . 

A team of friendly,  confident and experienced reps at Regal will give you an initial introduction to the company , products , services and recommendations. They will educate the clients on the  gold market , its features and trends . Reps will help you pick the best options for precious metals IRA investing . Their guidance methods are conducive to newbies and professionals. 

The interested clients will receive a free investment kit by email. The kit comprises of pamphlets , magazines , dvd’s and much more . It makes sure that the investors are properly informed .

Regal’s service fees are quoted as the lowest in the industry . It is particularly attractive for retirement accounts where the first year fees are waived.  

Regal carefully analyzes the unique requirements for each customers and offers them choices of several suitable packages . Clients can opt to invest as low as $5,000 . There are advantages of fee waivers if your investment amount exceeds $10,000 . The reps guide the clients step by step before and during the transactions.

I would recommend you consult with the reps at Regal Assets now by calling 1-844-611-2370 for more information on Gold IRA Rollover and let Gold help you line the pockets of your future. 


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